Halloween Fun


Since I became Orthodox I’ve had a real conflict each year about celebrating Halloween.  I know there are some strong objections to a Christian’s participation in a holiday that has it’s roots in paganism, but I’ll admit I just love Halloween.   I have no intention of practicing Wicca, lighting black candles or making potions.  I have fun at Halloween for the same reason I adore Renaissance festivals.  It’s fun, it’s nostalgic, it’s magical make-believe. 

One of the things I’ve done with my kids is to read Halloween stories during the weeks before October 31st.  The books have become well worn, and I’m sad to think that as my kids get older, they won’t want to continue this ritual.  My eight year old was already giving me grief last night when I pulled the books down from the shelf to read before bed.   He whined that he was too old to read baby books.  Thank goodness my six year old still gets the fun of sharing books together.   Below are some of our all time favorites.

We’ve read “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything” a million times.  This is one of the most fun to read because my kids and I can act out all the scary sounds and movements:  clomp-clomp, wiggle-wiggle, shake-shake, clap-clap, boo-boo.   It’s a real workout right before bedtime.

“The Big Pumpkin” is just adorable.  A witch, a vampire, a ghost and a mummy try and pull off a big pumpkin from a vine to make a pie.   It takes a little bat to help them work together.  


“Scary, Scary Halloween” is beautifully illustrated and not scary at all.

 I’ll be going to the bookstore in the next day or two to add a couple more new books to the reading list.  One October night years from now, the kids will be grown and out of the house.  I’ll be an old lady sitting in a rocker, getting all teary-eyed with memories as I read these books to myself and reminisce about long-ago October nights when we celebrated the fun of Halloween.



3 Responses to “Halloween Fun”

  1. Wayne Tully Says:

    I’ll have to give these books a scan, because I’ve never read them before, things like hallowen,christmas are all for kids anyway and when the kids do grow up we could have grandkids to carry on this halloween tradition, so chin up! and Happy halloween!

  2. tinag46 Says:

    I have to say that a really well written children’s picture book is as enjoyable as any grown-up book. The illustrations can be such works of art, they just draw you in. I wish more grown-up books (I was about to type adult books but those aren’t the kind of illustrations I was thinking about!) had artwork. Maybe that’s why manga are so popular.

  3. PIC Programmer Says:

    baby books should have as many pictures as possible because babies like to see pictures `;.

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