Miracle Cure

What a difference 24 hours makes.  I feel 100% better today.  My recovery started late yesterday afternoon right after a friend and I locked ourselves out of the church as she helped me unload a few things for this Saturday’s church yard sale.  We were there early for a 7 p.m. parish council meeting and no one else was expected to show for at least an hour.   Standing on one of my kid’s old bikes, I managed with great difficulty to climb through an unlocked window in the parish hall.  All that effort seemed to do the trick and I steadily felt better.

This time yesterday, I couldn’t have felt more disconnected to God, but with a return to health, I’m suddenly clear-minded and actually mindful of God.  It’s so easy to say “Thank you Lord”, when I feel like myself again.  Maybe the little illnesses are spiritual cattle prods that suddenly wake us up to the reality that everyday isn’t going to feel as good as this one.  They’re preparations for the times that we know will come to all of us, the life-threatening illnesses and injuries, and eventually death.   I’m disappointed to realize that if yesterday’s test run was any indication as to how I’ll handle the biggies, I think I need more practice.

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One Response to “Miracle Cure”

  1. wcharlson Says:

    thanks for that story. transhumanism. I never thought about custom grown joints. that is incredible. How much will that cost? God Bless

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