Multiple Randomness

I’ve been a little too distracted to post this week because of work problems, kids’ baseball games and trying to get out both the weekly church bulletin and monthly newsletter.  Joshua, I haven’t forgotten my response to your Transhumanism comments.  I’m working on it, but I’m no theologian, so don’t expect anything too fancy.   Your decidedly different point of view has been good for exercising my brain though – pondering the meaning of life and existence does tend to do that.

And now for something that does not require deep thinking and means even less.  Try and not spew coffee on your monitor, and don’t start trashing us poor, conflicted, neo-conservative Democrats.   I actually found this blasphemy on an uber-conservative, Republicanish blog while looking for, of all things, an icon of Jonah and the Whale for a church bulletin.  I will be so glad when this whole election thing is over so we can get back to the real things that matter in America right now – health care costs, figuring out what jobs I’ll be capable of working at until I’m 80 and how we can disentangle ourselves from a pointless war in Iraq and pump those billions into Social Security for the elderly (not to be confused with the billions in “social security” we gave failing companies and the crooks who ran them).


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