Twelve Things I Wish I Could Do

When you wish upon a star....

When you wish upon a star....

1.   Knit and crochet

2.   Be a stay-at-home-mom.

3.   Sing

4.   Remember names and faces

5.  Speak many foreign languages fluently

6.  Write like J.K. Rowling

7.  Live on a farm

8.   Stop worrying so much

9.    Work and travel the Renaissance Fair circuit as a scribe

10.   Keep chickens in my backyard  (hubby says no way)

11.   Learn to control my tongue and keep my anger

12.   Be a founding member of the first Orthodox Church on a new planet

#1 is the only wish I can actually teach myself to do.  #8 and #11 are going to require my giving up control and actually bringing myself into humility and submission before the Lord in prayer.  I’m thinking I’ll have crocheted afghans for my entire parish family before I become the non-bitchy, carefree and go-with-the-flow person I’ve always wanted to be.  And I guess I shouldn’t give up so easy.   So says Evagrius of Pontus 

“Allow the Spirit of God to dwell within you; then in His love He will come and make a habitation with you; He will reside in you and live in you.  If your heart is pure you will see Him and He will sow in you the good seed of reflection upon His actions and wonder at His majesty. This will happen if you take the trouble to weed out (emphasis mine) from your soul the undergrowth of desires, along with the thorns and tares of bad habits.”

Whine alert.  The life in Christ is just so hard sometimes.  Anyway, tell me about your 12 wishes.

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