Axios – Metropolitan Jonah

It was just announced fifteen minutes ago.  Archbishop Jonah Paffhausen, newly elected auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of the South has just been confirmed by the Holy Synod as our new Metropolitan

I had just listened this morning to the talk he gave yesterday evening at the Council, and I couldn’t help thinking over and over that here was a person of great humility, wisdom and leadership, and hoping that he might be elected.  Given the fact he’s only been consecrated as a bishop since November 1st, I just didn’t think realistically he was going to get the job.  But above all of his qualifications, he had one thing going for him that so many others did not – he had not been associated in any way with the OCA financial scandal.  In his own remarks he referred to it as a tragedy, but something we must put behind us and move forward into the future.  

I am so happy!  And I firmly believe our future is only as great as we are willing to undertake everything solely for the glory of God and his Kingdom.  To always remember the troubles we have overcome  and to always commit ourselves to this holy work with faith, humility and love, and to show our love and support for our clergy and hierarchs.  Axios Metropolitan Jonah!  Eis Polla eti Despota! 


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2 Responses to “Axios – Metropolitan Jonah”

  1. Joe Says:

    A preview of the December 2008 Issue of Not Again! Magazine, a publication of the Self-Actualized Antiochene Archdiocese of America.

    Page 1

    Five Good Reasons TO Visit a Monastery
    The Temptations of Monastic Minimalism

    By Metropolitan Jonah (Paffhausen)

    The priest looked out of the altar, checking to see if the choir director was ready to begin the hours before the Divine Liturgy. Just as he was ready to say, “Blessed is our God,” his newest convert, Bill, made his usual late entrance into the church, having just gotten out of bed after skipping last night’s 40 minute Vespers and General Confession . Bill, as he insisted on being called (“So what if there isn’t a St. Bill, Father said that I might be the first one!”)– had been a normal young evangelical convert, clean-cut, single, and working his first job out of college. Then he discovered Orthodoxy in a bookstore, and with great zeal embraced the Faith. He was chrismated after a usual six-month catechumenate, during which he read just about every book in print on the Orthodox Faith.

    After a year or so in his OCA parish, Bill decided that he missed the the DIY ethic from his evangelical days. This is where his change began. Not only did he become obsessed with sorting the “little ‘t’ traditions” from the “Big ‘T’ Traditions” and thus became more and more skeptical about what he called “ Old World Orthodoxy,” but also started to become, well, weird. Like this Sunday morning. Bill was not content to come in like everyone else. Rather he crossed himself like he was waving gnats from his face at the entrance to the nave, and with the entire congregation watching, casually flopped into the pews.

    But then, just before the time the Liturgy should have begun, Bill came up to the door of the altar and announced he must have confession since he missed General Confession the previous night. Father, being patient reminded him that confession was not necessary before communion and besides, it wasn’t even Lent!

  2. tinag46 Says:

    Sorry Joe, it’s late here and my very tired brain just can’t quite figure out your sarcasm. Are you from a parish of the Diocese of the South, or one of the more northerly variety?

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