News Article on Metropolitan Jonah

As promised, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has put out a more detailed news article  today on Metropolitan Jonah, that not suprisingly, highlights his status as a convert.  It’s a great article, I just wish they’d interviewed more ‘ordinary’ folks.  Come on.  Out of 700 people in that ballroom, Mark Stokoe of Orthodox Christians for Accountability is not just your average “Joe layman”.  Listen to Ancient Faith Radio’s coverage of last night’s banquet at the All American Council; Fr.  Alexander Garklavs’ has a great ‘gotcha’ for the Accountability site’s ‘news’ reporting.


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2 Responses to “News Article on Metropolitan Jonah”

  1. orthowiki Says:

    Well, if you are “Joe Layman” then you have spoken, what do you have to say.

  2. tinag46 Says:

    I can’t say I didn’t read OCANews from time to time, and I can appreciate what they did to help mobilize or some would say bludgeon the hierarchy into action (without that who knows if we’d be where we are today with Metropolitan Jonah). What I get a little uppity about is the scattergun approach to reporting hearsay as news and being a little strident. At least OCANews isn’t as vigilante as Pokrov.

    One of the problems (or blessings) with being a member of the Diocese of the South is that for so long we’ve had an attitude that New York was a long way away from us and really not anything important or relevant to our life in the Church. That attitude is going to have to change. We have to come out of our cocoon and realize that we are one big family. I’m interested to see if this is going to happen or if Archbishop Dmitri’s call for sovereign dioceses is going to fit with that. From here on out I think everyday is going to be new and different though.

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