Metropolitan Jonah in Dallas


Metropolitan Jonah served a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy at St. Seraphim’s Orthodox Cathedral last weekend (I guess it was his goodbye to his short-lived tenure in Fort Worth/ Dallas and a chance to pack up stuff he’d just finished unpacking).   Parishioner and journalist Rod Dreher at Crunchy Con has posted two short videos of the service. 

What a service that must have been.  I can only hope and pray that Met. Jonah finds some reason to visit San Antonio.  As I understand, he’s very, very fond of good Mexican food, so I’m sure we could manage to find one or two good restaurants around town. 

Here’s a thought I’ll leave you with after hearing from one priest about his experiences at the All American Council.   This priest has been around long enough to know the way church politics works, and he stressed that Metropolitan Jonah is an excellent choice but he is still a man and we should never place our trust in anyone else but Christ himself.   He is absolutely right of course.   So…I guess once all the high emotions, praise and adulation of the past couple of weeks wear off, we’re all going to have to get back to reality.

(BTW, Rod mentions Metropolitan Jonah’s promise to come back and bless his backyard chickens.   That’s the kind of video that could quickly go viral with Orthodox Christians!)

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