The Day After


I’m suffering from one major food hangover, but why the hell am I sitting here in front of the computer with a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast? 

Finally got everyone out of the house yesterday at 9 p.m., got the kitchen cleaned up by 11 p.m., and then couldn’t go to sleep.  Stupidly stayed up until 4 a.m. surfing the Internet and playing Sim City 3000 (I learned that you can’t run a successful city when you’re zombie tired – I spent my city into the ground and almost got impeached, kind of like the American government).  Aside from the body malaise this morning, I seem to be suffering from a foggy, spiritual malaise.  I so believe what the great monastics taught – that too much food kills prayer. 

Good thing Orthodox Christians have a sure cure for post-Thanksgiving overindulgence – fasting till all the turkey and pie are out of your system; fasting till you think becoming a vegan would be preferable; fasting until you’re good and ready to pray.  (I’m eating pie though; I didn’t say I was a good Orthodox Christian.  I’ll begin again tomorrow.)

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