Christmas in San Antonio #1

Just thought I’d share some photos of Christmas in downtown San Antonio – it’s the epicenter of anything that happens in this town.   I feel so fortunate to work right in the heart of all the activity – it makes me feel so connected to everything that’s going on.  Below is a photo of San Fernando Cathedral that I took as I walked to the courthouse on work-related stuff.  It’s right across the street from my office.


This weekend my husband and I are planning to take the kids down to the Riverwalk and go on a river barge cruise to see the lights.   They should be better than ever since city crews placed more lights and decorations than usual.  

Last Saturday night after the kids and I left Vespers, we drove through downtown (our church is only one mile from the Riverwalk) to see the Christmas tree in front of the Alamo.  What a traffic jam; you’d think I’d know to avoid downtown on a Saturday night.    It was very beautiful as always.  The photo below is not mine.  I gave the camera to the kids and let them try and take a photo out the car window.   After fighting over who was going to take the pictures, they got about five shots of the interior of the car and one blurry picture of the tree.  I’m just thankful they didn’t drop the camera out the window.



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