Thank You Troy Polamalu!


Thank you for making Orthodoxy cool.   For showing my sports-crazy 9 year old son that a professional football player can be a devout Orthodox Christian who isn’t afraid to talk about his faith  and to make the sign of the Cross in public.  Thank you for your example of good sportsmanship and hard work; your devotion to family and a clear-mindedness about the value of eternal things  over material possessions.

I’ll admit it, but football isn’t one of my favorite sports.  Maybe having spent my entire life in the state of Texas makes one either love football or not.   It’s not for lack of exposure though.   Back in the day, my high school (Judson HS)  won the state championship several times.   As a geek,  I was of course president of the “spirit club”.  Yeah, that meant myself and other fellow geeks and nerds worked the concession stand every Friday night and made the big, decorated paper goalpost banners.  Then I sealed this ambivalent footballness with my induction into the maroon and white cult of  Texas A & M; a university that could not be more historically and intricately linked with football.  However, it was at A & M that I most clearly understood and appreciated  the Pavlovian reward for fan devotion and team spirit.  Football games that by tradition require men to kiss their dates after every Aggie touchdown are ok in my book.   

So, what am I going to do now that my 9 year old thinks football is the greatest sport since the gladiatorial games?  If he’s got someone like Troy Polamalu as a role model, I’m gonna say…. GO STEELERS!

(And Mr. Polamalu – if you ever feel the need to get out of the cold Yankee north country, I know a very nice Orthodox parish in San Antonio that would love to have you come for a visit!)

For a very personal interview with Troy Polamalu, discussing his faith and family life, click here.


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3 Responses to “Thank You Troy Polamalu!”

  1. jodatoa Says:

    lol good post! Love your enthusiasm for Troy and the game of Football. Troy is a good role model for your kid to have. A kind hearted, and good nature guy off the field too. Make sure if your kid wants to play football, he start him early in football leagues. It will help in the long run trust me, lol. Kids tend to grow into whatever they love. Keep up your religion too, thats a good thing to have.


  2. tinag46 Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Jodatoa! It figures that a nice guy like Troy Polamalu would have nice fans too. Steelers fans are very devoted too I bet. My parish has many transplants from the Pittsburgh area and they think Troy Polamalu rules.

    My 9 yo would love to play football; but amazingly it’s my husband that doesn’t want him to play (afraid of injuries). He’s been playing Little League for 3 1/2 years now but I think any 9 yo kid who’s 125 lbs and 5 feet tall is probably best suited for football! We’ll see what happens. I’d rather see him play in a league than the school pick-up games where he’s more likely to get hurt. But whatever sport he plays, I want him to play with commitment and a good attitude. Thanks again and please stop by to visit the site anytime you’re in the cyber-neighborhood. This year I’ll actually be watching the Super Bowl for more than the commercials.

  3. toa leuta Says:

    troy is numba1

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