Passion Play 2009

Photos as promised.   I apologize for the poor quality – the battery died on the camera just as I went to take the first photo.  My kids got a hold of it and wasted the battery on self-portraits of their butts and blurry, drive-by photos of scenery, and video of a burping contest.   Boys can be so gross sometimes.  Luckily I had my cell phone charged up.  The photos taken from my office aren’t the best either, but a co-worker shot those through the dirty windows 10 stories up and I’m lucky to have them.

The first 3 photos were taken along Houston Street after the procession left Milam Park, where the trial and scourging took place.   My best friend and co-worker, Heidi, and I walked around the corner to see the procession coming up the street, then high-tailed it over to the Cathedral along a couple of short cuts to see the culmination, the Crucifixion, and the taking down from the Cross.




The Roman soldiers at this point are actually spitting on the actor/Christ and pushing him violently.  Their feelings of anger and disgust are intense.  The crowd is following along, being held back by the police and volunteers from the Cathedral.  Someone commented to me later that this scene must have been just like Jerusalem in Christ’s time.  For some people this was just a spectacle, something to observe.  For others it was the death of a loved one.carryingcross21

Heidi and I got as close as we could to the front of the Cathedral, but the view wasn’t very good so we went back up to our office where we could watch the whole panorama below us.  It’s just not the same feeling as being in the crowd.  There were people crying, parents holding up their children for them to get a good look, children playing in the fountains, vendors selling food and braided, palm frond crosses.  It’s an experience of living, breathing, everyday spirituality.




Well, that was the Passion Play 2009.  For a much more beautiful and moving image of the Passion 2009, please check out this video.


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  1. Catholic Passion Play 2010 Says:

    Wow that looked like a really good Passion Play. Its great to see communities come together to reenact something so important to there religion such as the passion of Christ. In 2010, the Passion Play in Oberammergau will take place. It is a big event that only happens once every 10 years!

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