A Kid’s View of the Orthodox Faith

Sometimes my 7 year old really surprises me.  I haven’t figured out yet if ADHD is a special trial sent by God or not, but some days I don’t think I’m passing the test very well.  Then, at other times I realize something must be sinking into his soul when…

  • he finishes his evening prayers by taking his wall cross and giving a blessing to each of his icons, pressing it to their faces so they can “kiss” the cross.
  • he watches The 10 Commandments on Lazarus Saturday and  asks why Yul Brynner was praying to the big Horus statue to bring his first born son back to life.  “That’s stupid” he says, when I tell him that other cultures believed in gods who were carved objects or even the sun and moon.
  • that same 7 year old asks over and over again about the birth order of he and his brother because he doesn’t want to be one of the first born who gets whacked by the Angel of Death on Passover night.  (That scene always scared me too – the green mist drifting through the city and all the screaming and wailing).
  • this sweet thing draws you a triptych icon on construction paper, with the Theotokos, Christ on the Cross and “that other guy who got his head chopped off”, and then stuffs the paper icon with a $10 bill from his wallet “because I wanted you to have it”.

 (Oh, by the way – did you know that Yul Brynner was Orthodox?)


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2 Responses to “A Kid’s View of the Orthodox Faith”

  1. Michael Says:

    Thank you for sharing. Having kids really does make you see the love of God in a whole new light.

  2. tinag46 Says:

    You’re so right. Kids just seem to “get it”. They may not be spiritually sophisticated but they have an honest acceptance about issues of faith that most jaded or cynical adults wish they could achieve – me included.

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