Great and Holy Friday


Today He who hung the earth upon the waters is hung on the tree.                                                                                                                                             The King of the Angels is decked with a crown of thorns.
He who wraps the heavens in clouds is wrapped in the purple of mockery.
He who freed Adam in the Jordan is slapped on the face.
The Bridegroom of the Church is affixed to the cross with nails.
The Son of the Virgin is pierced by a spear.
We worship Thy Passion, O Christ.
We worship Thy Passion, O Christ.
We worship Thy Passion, O Christ.
Show us also Thy glorious resurrection.
                                       from The Royal Hours



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One Response to “Great and Holy Friday”

  1. peacecrusader Says:

    Jesus Christ was executed by crucifixion. He was nailed on the cross flanked by two thieves. The coup de grace was delivered when Longinus, a Roman centurion, pierced His side with his lance to hasten His death.

    Jesus was crucified on a Thursday, August 17, 1 BC, the eve of the New Moon Festival. August 17 was revealed by the Holy Spirit Himself which I heard in 1983. I did a study from 1999 to 2003 wherein I was able to prove that the date is true and correct. He was 32 solar years old or 33 lunar years when He died. For details, you may read my blogs at wordpress.

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