Mel and his Russian (Orthodox) girlfriend


Mel, Mel, Mel… couldn’t you just hide her in the closet  until the paperwork was signed?  Or better yet, why couldn’t you have fallen down on your knees and begged forgiveness from your long-suffering wife and gone to confession in your own hand-built church?   7 or 8 months ought to tell us whether this Oksana chick will accept the teachings of this branch of Traditional Catholicism or whether Mel will come over to the light and baptize his next progeny in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic faith of Orthodoxy.  My bets on the former since she certainly has more to “gain” by it.  

Let’s all remember that no matter what a mess this man’s life is, we are all sinners and fail every day.  (Just not so publicly or stupidly)

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One Response to “Mel and his Russian (Orthodox) girlfriend”

  1. aletheamarinanova Says:

    Let me preface by saying that I have attended Mel Gibson’s Church, have talked to him, like him as a person, and like his films (with the exception of The Passion).

    True, we all fail but what Mel Gibson is doing in public is scandalous to Catholics. He sat on Jay Leno and joked about his pregnant girlfriend. If you are a huge public figure and talk openly about being a Catholic, make films to promote Christ, and are going to walk the talk –you need to keep your sins private and not flaunt them on national TV as if they were a joke.

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