Alberto Cutie Just Did It For Love


And with one simple ceremony, Fr. Alberto Cutie is on his way to becoming – Fr. Alberto Cutie.  Roman Catholic, Episcopalian – ehhh, what does it matter, right?  They both believe in God, they both like wearing fancy clothes, they’re both sort of Catholic.  If you believe that, you’ll believe the dribble coming out of the mouth of  Bishop Leo Frade who poached accepted Cutie into the Episcopal Church (he’s the guy in the red & white pointy hat above):

…he traded his collar, his Roman Catholic collar for another different Catholic collar, which is the Anglican, the Episcopal collar.

What a load of crap!   So the philandering Father doesn’t have enough cojones to honor the vows of celibacy he made as a Roman Catholic priest.   Fine, then leave the priesthood honorably and laicize yourself.    Live quietly; live a period of repentance and reflection.   But no, you decide that the doctrines and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church were as easy to drop as your pants, and you’re suddenly convicted in your heart to become an Episcopalian.   And not even an Episcopalian layman – an Episcopal priest for God’s sake.    Roman Catholic Archbishop John Favalora must have been fuming about this whole mess when he responded with a statement  saying

…(Cutie) has never told me that he was considering joining the Episcopal Church.  (The Episcopal Bishop) has never spoken to me about his position on this delicate matter or what actions he was contemplating. This truly is a serious setback for ecumenical relations and cooperation between us.

But Fr. Cutie just did it for the love of a good woman, right?  The overflowing love of a loving God?   His ecumenical love for his fellow human beings?  No, it was done for self-love, pure and simple.  It appears that Fr. Cutie is possessed by a  self-love that did not consider any other option than “having it all”.  As St. Maximus the Confessor says,

The origin of all the passions is self-love; their consummation is pride. Self-love is a mindless love for the body.  He who cuts this off cuts off at the same time all the passions that come from it.

Misty-eyed, Fr. Cutie said after his reception into the Episcopal Church, “More than ever, I’m assured that God is love.”  How many times has that phrase been uttered by people who use it to justify their actions.   And I bet love is what Fr. Cutie is going to be preaching from his new church pulpit – the watered down message that true love conquers all hardships; that God is love, blah, blah, blah, that any form or fashion of human love is acceptable and should be achieved at any cost.  This should be no problem in the U.S. Episcopal Church.

I doubt there will be many sermons coming out of the good Father’s mouth like St. John Climacus has given us:

However great the life we lead may be, we may count it stale and spurious, if we have not acquired a contrite heart.  For this is essential, truly essential if I may say so, that those who have again been defiled after baptism should cleanse the pitch from their hands with unceasing fire of the heart and with the oil of God.                                                           

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