Greyson’s Law Finally On Its Way

YEAH!  After a scare on Friday, May 29th, Greyson’s Law is finally out of the Senate and headed to Governor Rick Perry’s desk.  Along the way, it almost died with the addition of the CHIP funding bill but has been stripped of the last minute add-ons and, God willing, will get signed.  Please, Governor Perry, do the right thing and sign this bill.  

I’m still fuming over the way our Governor callously dismissed the health care needs of thousands of poor children with the CHIP mess.  A recession is not the time to tell poor, working class families that they’ll just have to suck it up and not get medical care for their sick kids.  In this instance, that funding was going to get tacked on to Greyson’s Law and derail the whole thing.  Why can’t our lawmakers just do the right thing for kids in the first place?  Take some of that oil revenue surplus and fund CHIPS properly.   If Greyson’s Law has taught us anything, it’s that up-front preventitive care or screening is more cost effective.  We’ll all be sucking it up to pay for families denied access to CHIP  rolls  now when they have to make a more costly visit to the ER for the kind of care the budget makers denied their children.

More on Greyson’s Law when it gets signed.  In the meantime, here’s the link to Governor Perry’s contacts page.  It’s easy to let him know how you feel about the passage of Greyson’s Law.


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