Hell and the Family Road Trip


You know how all those Renaissance and Baroque paintings depict Hell as, well, Hell?  Demons, brimstone, torture, eternal pain?   I now actually think the Chevy Chase comedy Family Vacation comes a lot closer to the true depiction of hell.  I just got into town a few hours ago from a trip to southern New Mexico and Big Bend National Park.   I’m finding it hard to compare which I enjoyed more – four days with my bickering kids and grouchy husband or the five days in a mountain home with the aforementioned and my various in-laws. 

Well, it’s 1:45 a.m. and I have 400 miles of travel to sleep off.  I’ll wait to tell you about the 7 year old who sliced his finger open with a pocket knife in the backseat of the SUV, the dead, stinking skunk in my backyard, and the 65 mph collision we narrowly (I mean narrowly!) had with a sheep rancher today on a lonely, back country Texas road.    

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