Summer Doldrums


Why the light posting the last two weeks?  Well, I guess you’d call it the summer doldrums.  The South Texas, hot-as-hell, bone dry, dead and dying summer doldrums to be exact. 

I’m a firm believer that snow is very clearly mentioned as one of God’s biblical curses; that any Christmas I can’t celebrate in shorts and Birks is too cold; and Seasonal Affective Disorder is plain medical proof that not enough sun is gonna kill ya.  But come on now!   Enough is enough even for me.

If you’ve been ignoring the news lately, you wouldn’t know that since June 1st, San Antonio has busted 40 days of temps 100 degrees or higher with no real measureable rain.  (We’re actually about 28 inches short on rainfall since January 2008)   It’s so hot that when it cools down at night to 90 or 91 (by about 10 pm), I put on my sweat pants.  It’s so hot, my car’s outside thermometer reads 133 degrees in the grocery store parking lot.   And, it’s so hot, I was web-surfing today through the real estate listings in Alaska, fantasizing about relocating somewhere with green grass and other living things.  (Rod Dreher actually got me thinking about Alaska since he’s lecturing at the Eagle River Institute this week and posting really annoying things  about the beautiful weather.   Smarty pants – ya gotta get on that plane sometime Rod and Dallas is juuuust waiting for ya!)

If you’re planning on a little trip to SA this month, be prepared, ’cause August is traditionally our hottest month.   But it’s true that once you hit 102 or 103, temps higher than that just don’t feel too much worse.   Try and tell this to the tourists I see on the river boats cruising down the San Antonio Riverwalk everyday.  They have a grim look that says “why am I spending $250 per day on a hotel room in the ante-chamber of Hell?”   On the other hand, the street preachers are making a powerful impact expounding on the fire and brimstone of Revelations.   The wages of sin never seemed so manifestly real as they do in the Texas Summer of 2009.

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