And the skies opened…

For all my friends in South Texas and beyond, I thought we’d have a multiple choice quiz today.  Look at the photos below and answer the following questions.

Sorry, bad photo but this is out my office windows with a cell phone

Sorry for the bad photo, but this is out my office windows with a cell phone. That is not my dour, brooding, face you see reflected in the window; that's my hand.

Question #1:  What is the substance you see falling out of the sky and accumulating on the ground?   (a)  Manna    (b)   lollipops and candies   (c)  radioactive fallout   (d) unknown foreign substance   (e)  rain

“E” is the correct answer; give yourself 10 points.  However, if you said “d”,  I know you’re from Texas.   Award yourself 20 points – you were handicapped by the lack of experience and living memory of such an event.


Question #2:   What is the object above?    (a)  a sun shade  (b) a safety device to protect against nuclear fallout   (c)  an umbrella

If you answered “c”, you are correct.  10 points!    Texans who picked “a”, however, should also receive 10 points for their clever multi-task approach to the use of an umbrella.  I actually could only find one in our house  yesterday when this wet stuff started – grown-ups got the use of that one.  Kids, having hardly seen rain in the past 18 months, would greatly benefit from the experience of walking in the wet stuff.

Question #3:   View the photos below and choose “a” or “b”.  What is the normal color of a suburban lawn?

Photo "a"  This is the color green

Photo "a" This is the color green

Photo "b" -  this is the color of drought, it also makes a crunchy sound

Photo "b" - this is the color of drought, it also makes a crunchy sound

If you chose Photo “a”, add another 10 points to your total.  If you chose Photo “b”, well….you’re right too.  That is the normal color of a suburban yard in South Texas.   If you live ’round here and your yard looks like Photo “a”, all the neighbors know you bin violatin’ the waterin’ restric’shuns and we ain’t gonna waste our time calling the water cops.  We’re gonna find the biggest dead tree (also not too hard ’round here) and string ya up.

Only 28″ more to go and we’ll have caught up with our normal precipitation for the past 2 years. Yes, since January 2008, we are down 28″ of normal rainfall. So you can understand why this is such an event of biblical scale. I believe I’ll go walk down the Riverwalk for lunch and experience it myself. In the meantime keep praying for more of the same.

An old Texas prayer for rain
Dear Lord, please send us some rain.  Not so much for me, mind ya, cuz I’ve seen it.   But for my 7 year old son.   Amen.

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