The Life in Print of a Self-Professed Abortion Addict

Irene Vilar

There are no words to describe how disturbing and disturbed this woman’s life is.  I had a hard time just getting through the news article (in part, because there seemed to be so little horror associated with the actions taken by Irene Vilar and the other women described).   If you read it strictly from a pro-life point of view, you will be shocked at the sheer number of dead children sacrificed at this woman’s altar of self-deceit and neuroses.  

Is it any wonder that a woman this screwed up was unable to break the cycle of violence against her own children?   The sheer disfunctionality and self-professed psychological disturbance of Irene Vilar does not make her actions excusable but it does make you sickly sympathetic for a human being who is so far removed from normality.  It will be easy for pro-life supporters to condemn Irene Vilar, but the higher calling is to pray for her redemption.   (It’s rather sad that she claims to have found peace and happiness only through a “good” marriage.  I pray that her ultimate peace came through repentance and a right relationship with God, but it’s unclear from the article.)

Pro Lifers, save your more virulent condemnation for Random House Publishing that chose to push this book as another abortion sympathy-generator for women misguided and abused by modern society.  It’s never a case of sinful personal choice and a loss of moral groundedness, it’s always someone or something else that pushes a woman into an abortion clinic.  Capitalism, the Sexual Revolution, discrimination, racism, abuse, a bad marriage, no marriage, low self-esteem, poverty or peer pressure.   Want to make a bet that if all these influences were miraculously “cured”, that abortion would still continue?  The only ultimate cure for the disease of abortion is a spiritual one. 


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