Saint Nicholas

I know it’s a day late but I just had to post about the strange legend I learned about Saint Nicholas, whose feast day was celebrated on December 6th.   A church friend told me that Saint Nicholas is famous for raising three children from the dead who’d been pickled in brine by a murderous butcher, with the intent of later selling them as ham.   I mean really, I’ve heard of brining turkeys for Thanksgiving, but children!   Aren’t they tender enough already?

Sorry, couldn’t help that one.   Besides, everyone knows children are better as a  dessert course, all that sugar and spice…

Brined children raised from the dead.  This fantastic medieval legend, like so many others, tests our faith and the credibility of all miracles.  The hagiographic accounts of miraculous healings, appearances, and prophecies could fill a library.  By the rationalistic, scientific standards of our modern mind we tend to dismiss or outright scorn these accounts, thinking of those who fervently believed in this evidence of the Divine, as superstitious hicks.  But do we give the originators and believers of these miracles enough credit?  They had such a superabundance of simple faith and belief that it was natural and entirely plausible for them to embellish, invent, or translate into their own time the  stories of the wonder-working and the fantastic, while so-called Christians of the 21st century will bend themselves into knots asserting a belief  in Bigfoot, 9/11 conspiracy theories, and Mayan calendar end-of-the-world scenarios.   It’s funny that some of these same people find it hard to believe in the Creation, the Trinity, and Christ’s bodily Resurrection.   So let me ask again, who’s stories are more implausible? 

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