Christmas in San Antonio 2009

Well, it’s time for my annual San Antonio Christmas buñuelo report.   No one ever seems to show up at an office in this town with a holiday fruit basket.  Our office is always  the fortunate recipient of this ‘food of goodwill and good business’ tradition.  So far this year we’ve had tamales, pecans 3 ways (sugared, salted and chocolate), and trashcan sized tins of cookies, but the best is the buñuelos.  Light-as-air dough fried in copious amounts of lard until browned to the color of a Padre Island suntan, then sprinkled all over with a handful of granulated sugar and cinnamon, which adheres to the hot and greasy buñuelo like a cotton shirt to a sweaty body.   Really, they are that good.

Did you know buñuelos are most likely a Sephardic Jewish tradition?  There had to be a religious connection in there somewhere.  Did I mention I’m feeling really ill now?  Can you be hospitalized for a sugar overdose? 

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