Sanctity of Life Sunday

Tomorrow, January 22nd, marks the 37th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision.  What’s there to say after all these years.  America is still killing its own children, and the good fight is still being waged against it.    

Metropolitan Jonah’s Sanctity of Life Sunday message to the Orthodox Church in America has now been posted on the OCA’s website.  Please don’t skip reading it with the idea that you’ve heard everything that can possibly be said about abortion and a Christian’s duty to stop it.  Every soldier, no matter how long in the fight, needs to be reminded about the importance of their mission and encouraged to keep going on, despite the hostile forces waiting for them.    This is a war, but our enemy is not the desperate sinner fallen into hopelessness so great that abortion seems the only way out.  Our enemy is not the deluded and morally fallen abortionists who convince themselves of the charitable service they’re providing to women in crisis.   This is a war, and the enemy we fight against is the same Great Enemy that has always opposed mankind.

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