Lost Kids

Would you be a little worried if your 18 year old identified herself as a werewolf, ate raw meat, collected skulls and wore a tail out in public?   Would you be freaking out if the kid was also into bondage, wore a dog collar, and hung around with others of her kind in a ‘wolf pack’?  Did I mention the Tourette’s Syndrome, dropping out of school in 9th grade, and the supposed brain damage from a prior auto accident? 

Wolfie Blackheart, not your average San Antonio teenager, is making news this week  with the revelation that she decapitated a dog (road kill or live family pet is the  legal question right now), then cleaned and prepared its skull for display.  No one, especially the owner of the dog, might have known about this if the photos hadn’t been posted on Wolfie’s My Space page.   Dog lovers and animal rights groups are howling mad and want Wolfie’s head on a shelf, and they’re pressuring the San Antonio Police Department to file charges of animal cruelty.

I’m not at all disturbed by Wolfie’s interest in taxidermy in itself, but when it’s just one aspect of her rather bizarre life, it isn’t such an innocent little hobby anymore.  What sets off alarms for me is her involvement in  sexual fetishism, bondage, and extreme self-delusion, compounded with an incomplete formal education.  That seems experimental and edgy when you’re 18 but what are you going to do with your life at 30?

Anyone care to argue that our children aren’t under attack by demonic forces?  Wolfie isn’t the only teenager adrift in our society.  I see plenty of runaways and street kids downtown every day; they were once someone’s baby, now they are alone.  I titled this post “Lost Kids” but I have to believe that anyone is not so far gone that they’re lost forever, not while there’s the hope of Christ.   To a loving God, Wolfie Blackheart and other kids like her are children created in His image and likeness, worthy of respect and love.

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