Orthodox Christian IPhone Apps?

Can anyone tell me why there are no IPhone apps for Orthodox Christians?  I just recently got an IPhone, and despite my misgivings about becoming so dependent on more technology, I am hooked.  Why is it I can kill hours playing  sim games or on-line poker (if I wanted), check the weather on Earth (or Mars for that matter), and buy anything that’s legal in 50 states, but I can’t download the Orthodox saints of the day, light a virtual candle at the Holy Sepulchre, or sing along at Liturgy with a downloaded service book?  Isn’t there anyone out there putting together an app for Orthodox Christians?

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8 Responses to “Orthodox Christian IPhone Apps?”

  1. Stella Says:

    Instead of wasting readers’ time, perhaps do some research and use the Internet on your phone and access every item you claim isn’t available. No, they may not be the handy little apps you’re coveting, but those resources (daily readings, saints of the day, music, lighting candles in an Orthodox parish in the USA or on Mt Athos) these are all online. It’s all out there, and a push of a button or a touch of a screen gets you all that. Stop whining.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    It’s a far cry from an Orthodox app, but do you like Scrabble? We can play Words With Friends, a free Scrabble imitation! If you get it, my name is ekaway.

  3. tinag46 Says:

    Hi Elizabeth! I’ll look for that one to add to all the others. How does anyone get any work done with all the “distractions”.

  4. Joseph Says:

    I’m working on an Orthodox prayer app. Hopefully it will be out in the next few months.

  5. tinag46 Says:

    That’s fabulous Joseph! Please let me know when it’s coming out; I’d like to be your first customer.

  6. Ivan Says:

    It’s not an app, but the website here: http://orthodox.seasidehosting.st/

    … is VERY handy on small-screened devices of all sorts.

  7. Father Francisco Says:

    Hi there are some. Orthodox calendar with the saints of the day plus readings. Also the orthodox Christian netwok radio and the ancient faith radio. Also many icons for wallpaper everithing for the iPhone.

  8. tinag46 Says:

    Wow Stella. I usually don’t get such snarky comments when I post about homosexuality or abortion, but I’ll take into consideration your blood sugar might be low from the Great Fast. Sorry you took my post as whining – it was just my wondering out loud if anyone is developing such a thing. Sometimes Orthodoxy seems a little slow off the mark on new technology, considering you can get a ton of Protestant, Catholic or Islamic apps already.

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