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A New Favorite Local Band

October 12, 2008

Right up there with Sexto Sol and Buttercup, is my favorite new local band – Strangers on Earth.  Today they played the most improbable and undoubtedly the weirdest venue so far in their career – the First Annual Feeding Our Souls International Food Fest (not really as grandiose as it sounds).   The stage was the front yard of St. Anthony the Great Orthodox Church.  The audience were old, young, and micro young  parishioners of at least fifteen different ethnic backgrounds, including Heinz Variety, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Mexican and many more.  Chris Olson, Bryan Davis, DJ Powell and Miles Garza didn’t seem to mind the heat, the grass/dirt stage, or an audience that was alternately schlurping down cabbage rolls and sausages with hot coffee and sippy cups. 

Strangers on Earth does not label themselves a Christian band, but their songs are deeply spiritual and outright Christian without the cheese. They credit Death Cab for Cutie, Smashing Pumpkins and The Cure among their many influences, but they aren’t just playing easy imitations.   You can tell a good band when they use those influences and make them their own.   I was really impressed they took a very, very modest event and wholeheartedly played a set that could have been dropped into any club and still sounded as good.  This is straight-up great rock that has a thoughtful soul.

Thanks so much Chris, DJ, Miles and Bryan – y’all are fantastic.  God grant you many years in your “ministry”.   Shameless plug here- CHECK THEM OUT ON MYSPACE AND BUY THEIR DOWNLOADS.  It’s money well spent on four of the nicest and most talented musicians in San Antonio.

(You know son, you can be a rocker and a priest when you  grow up.  Mama would be very happy.)