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Orthodox Internet Radio Ministries In the News

April 23, 2009


It’s been my belief that the newly emerging Orthodox Internet radio ministries of Ancient Faith Radio  and Orthodox Christian Network  are one of the most dramatic and relevant forces for change, growth and unity in American Orthodoxy today.  Here’s a very nice piece by Amy Rogers  at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the phenomenon of Orthodox Internet media.  Poor Amy seems to have been knocked around a teeny bit  over her one sentence history of Orthodoxy when she boiled down the Great Schism to “Orthodoxy developed in Eastern Europe and Asia when Christianity split into Orthodoxy and Catholicism in 1054, primarily due to conflict over papal authority”.   Well, I’ll take exception to the characterization of the Orthodox Church “developing” only after the split.  I think we were pretty well formed in  AD 33 and only improved with age, but really, it’s nothing we all haven’t done trying to give the condensed version of Orthodoxy to an inquirer.  If we’re Orthodox, though, I think our take on it is that ‘the Roman Catholic Church split from us primarily over the issue of papal authority’.    Amy does what a good journalist should do – she tries to relay the story with a minimum of bias.   If she was writing about Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses, she couldn’t very well say “founded on false historical premises by nut jobs” or “not Christian despite their claims to the contrary”. 

Whoever left whom, that’s what makes a schism.  As a very devout Roman Catholic friend and former co-worker told me on more than one occasion, “You’re not a heretic, you’re just a schismatic”.   Woohooo!  I love being a schismatic.

Go listen to some good Orthodox Internet radio today.  And while you’re at it, if you feel it’s done you some good and you can help financially with their ministries, please think about making a donation.  For the good of the American Orthodox Church, these are resources we can’t afford to neglect.


Breakfast South Texas-Style

October 24, 2008


What could be better?  Today is a beautiful, cool fall morning – our first real one of the year.  I’m eating a taco and drinking coffee while listening to the hours prayed on Ancient Faith Radio.  Then I get started with a very hectic day.

On most days Ancient Faith Radio streams for 8 hours or more over my office PC, playing Orthodox music and podcasts while I’m busy working.  It connects me to the Church and to my Orthodox brothers and sisters in a way no print media can.  No matter how distracted I get, there will always be something, a hymn, a saying of the Fathers, that will suddenly make me pay attention and remember God. 

John and Tonya Maddex are the visionary founders and modern missionaries of Ancient Faith Radio.   (Listen to the story of John and Tonya’s journey to Orthodoxy and the dreams that became Ancient Faith Radio.)  They are godly people whose ministry has touched millions of listeners and brought many to Christ and his holy Church.   Ancient Faith Radio has become well known for gathering some of the most respected and knowledgeable Orthodox clergy and laity to podcast teachings and commentary on the faith and its relation in particular to American life.  It is an unapologetically Orthodox message, respectfully and knowledgeably presented.

I’m encouraging everyone to click on Ancient Faith Radio, give it a listen, and pass on the link to others.  If you’ve never listened before, drop John and Tonya an email and tell them what you think.  If you’re a regular listener they’d still love to hear what the station has meant to you.  (And if you feel so inclined, please pass on a few $$$ to Ancient Faith Radio’s on-line donation page.  God’s work is beyond riches, but the bills still have to get paid.)

God bless Ancient Faith Radio and those called to do His will.   So many of us, me included, are counting on it to be there 24 hours a day.  Breakfast tacos and coffee help, but it’s really Ancient Faith Radio that gets me through a tough day.