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Hollywood Does Have A Soul

February 9, 2009
(Gary's the guy without the spots)

(Gary's the guy without the spots)

Why is it that for all the criticism, demeaning labels and hostility heaped upon people who speak for traditional values, the sanctity of life and the place of faith in modern society, they can still remain so adamant about their positions and stand like sentinels we all look towards?   Is it because they’re martyrs? Self-righteous zealots who like the attention or flagrant masochists who are only satisfied with a good beating?  Or might they just be men and women who have come through to the other side of a life lived a little loose and free and found there’s meaning beyond self-gratification and wilful denial?

In Hollywood this kind of hedonism isn’t looked down on, rather, it’s the salt that gives your life, your on-screen persona, some marketable character and progressive worldliness.   Celebrity transcends the ignorant and provincial masses  (hint, hint – they’re  usually termed ‘rednecks’, ‘hicks’, ‘religious nuts’, ‘conservatives’, ‘red staters’, ‘bigots’).   But hey, who would give a flip about Paris Hilton or Britney Spears if they were actually normal?  Train wrecks are always more interesting.   Tom Cruise repents and becomes a good Catholic boy?  Boring (and frankly my bets are on a  curly-tailed porcine stunt flying team before that happens).   Honestly, it’s infuriating that we’ve not only allowed, but cheered on our own moral and cultural suicide by giving the entertainment industry our money-backed stamp of approval.  

But before you think Hollywood has become an entirely spiritual wasteland of self-indulgent phoniness, I direct your attention to Gary Graham who is a contributing writer at Big Hollywood  – gasp – a conservative minded entertainment  website.   Gary has posted  a painfully honest, brilliant,  in-your-face piece   about the personal cost of abortion, his redemption,  and blunt feelings about what abortion actually is – it’s not a personal choice, it’s not a guaranteed right, it’s not a medical procedure that takes care of some unwanted tissue – it’s the murder of a living human being, plain and simple.   

I’m going to say it. I’m going to say what millions know in the front of their brains, and many, many more millions know in the depths of their hearts…but won’t allow themselves to think it, much less feel it. And believe me, I know I’ll be hated for saying it, I’ll be hated by people who don’t know me, have never worked with me, have never golfed with me, had a drink with me, shot the shit with me. They’ve never met me, don’t want to meet me…but they will hate me. I’m going to say it anyway: Abortion is murder.

To many, many fans Gary Graham is listed among the ranks of sci-fi royalty.  He starred in the Alien Nation TV series and movies of the 90’s; he was the perfect Vulcan ambassador Soval in Star Trek Enterprise, and he’s got a long list of other TV appearances and movie roles that have kept him active in the entertainment business for years.  But Gary is now choosing to reveal his dark secrets  to millions of readers and take on the new role of Hollywood pariah or pro-life hero.   I would have loved to discuss all things Trek or sci-fi with Gary Graham before he wrote this article.  Now I’d only like a few minutes to talk with him about his religious awakening and his totally committed pro life position. 

It’s sad that anyone has to go through this kind of life experience before they see the truth.  It’s a very heavy burden to carry with you the rest of your life, but Gary Graham isn’t burying it under silence and regret.  If anything, he’s proving there are people in Hollywood willing to take unpopular positions and stand up for what’s right.   And then maybe other celebrities will gain the courage to speak up, to give evil its real name.   I feel certain the same people who shed tears of righteous indignation for baby seals and dolphins can find a few for aborted babies.   Live long and prosper Mr. Graham.