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Big Bad Bus Wars

February 12, 2009

Who’d a thought combatting atheism could be so much fun!  Now that the sides of British bendy busses have become the new belief battleground with both sides – the unbelievers and the believers – fielding these wimpy slogans, the UK Guardian newspaper has launched a website so that anyone can come up with their own slogan.  My not so worthy creation:  


We’ve had our own belief-less billboard on a local freeway since Christmastime, funded by those joy-filled people at the Freedom From Religion Foundation.


When I explained to my 9 year old that it was a sign put up by people who want you to “believe” there is no God, he said “Well, that’s just stupid.”   If it’s so obvious to a 9 year old, it makes me wonder why so much effort (and money) is always put into these campaigns?  

Why the hell do people who don’t believe in anything but themselves care so much about what or rather who, the rest of us believe in?  Their complaints about tax breaks, discrimination and their poor understanding of the Constitution aside, I think it’s a little telling that the original bus campaign ads in Britain are worded “There’s probably no God…”  If they believed so strongly in this, why say ‘probably’?     Are they hedging their bets or do they think it puts a stronger seed of doubt into people’s minds with that choice of words?   I’m going with the angle that instead it gives us Christians a chance to change the atheist and agnostic’s mind.   They’re a hard sell I know, but every one a child of God whether they want to believe that or not, and so worth the effort.