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Telemarketing Confession with Soul Wow

April 13, 2009


Does this kind of marketing  really work?  It seems kinda cheesy and pandering, but hey, it seems to have been a success for the Diocese of  Brooklyn, so more power to ’em.  The story has made all the news outlets, so strange must be a good marketing technique.

I’ll agree 100% that confession is good for what ails ya.   This past Saturday  I took my grouchy 9 year old to Vespers for Palm Sunday.  He needed to go for his Great Lent confession.  Well, he pulled one major attitude through the whole service – pouting and standing as far away from me as he could possibly get, even going out to sit on the front steps of the church in protest.    After suffering through Vespers he went to confession and was amazingly transformed into the same happy-go-lucky, reflective, sweet thing he mostly is.  On the way home he  tells me, “Mom, you know, I do feel better;  I feel really perky, like I’ve been reborn”.  

Son, that’s the power of the Holy Spirit!