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Axios – Metropolitan Jonah

November 13, 2008

It was just announced fifteen minutes ago.  Archbishop Jonah Paffhausen, newly elected auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of the South has just been confirmed by the Holy Synod as our new Metropolitan

I had just listened this morning to the talk he gave yesterday evening at the Council, and I couldn’t help thinking over and over that here was a person of great humility, wisdom and leadership, and hoping that he might be elected.  Given the fact he’s only been consecrated as a bishop since November 1st, I just didn’t think realistically he was going to get the job.  But above all of his qualifications, he had one thing going for him that so many others did not – he had not been associated in any way with the OCA financial scandal.  In his own remarks he referred to it as a tragedy, but something we must put behind us and move forward into the future.  

I am so happy!  And I firmly believe our future is only as great as we are willing to undertake everything solely for the glory of God and his Kingdom.  To always remember the troubles we have overcome  and to always commit ourselves to this holy work with faith, humility and love, and to show our love and support for our clergy and hierarchs.  Axios Metropolitan Jonah!  Eis Polla eti Despota! 

The 2nd Ballot

November 13, 2008

According to Ancient Faith Radio, as of 1:48 p.m. EST (12:48 CST) “the 2nd ballot has now been tallied and given to the Holy Synod for deliberation and the selection of the new Metropolitan.”   I am holding my breath here – the suspense is just killing me.