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This Is My Idea Of A Fresh Start For 2009

December 31, 2008


If there are any mothers out there who read this blog you can understand why I’m so happy right now.  My idea of a New Year’s celebration is not to go out dancing, tie one on or generally do anything more exciting than have my mom over and let the kids stay up as late as they want.   But, right at this very moment I have achieved a mothering milestone.  A pinnacle of parenthood.  A freakin’ fantastical feat of housewifery.

At 10:23 pm, Dec. 31, 2008, I finished all 2008 laundry.

If Sisyphus had been condemned to doing laundry for eternity in the Underworld instead of pushing that stupid boulder up a hill, I think he’d have been much less of a jerk while alive.    Meanwhile in present day LaLa Land, my kids and husband expect clothes to suddenly animate themselves like the Apprentice’s broom, magically washed and dried, then march up the stairs and obediently fling their cloth bodies around  coathangers, with lines of tighty whiteys and boxers queed up to hop into dresser drawers; matched socks bouncing two-by-two behind them.   (In all fairness, my 8 year old must hang up his clean clothes, but it is never done without grumbling and procrastination.)

So, before the stroke of midnight  I resolved to finish every bit of dirty laundry in this house.  I did not want to be looking at last year’s clothes baskets waiting for me in 2009, and with a little perseverence, everything is washed, folded, hung up and put away.  Woohoo!   I can finally see the bottom of all four laundry baskets.  What a feeling of accomplishment, even if I know it’s only going to last one day, two at the most.   

Get a life you say or aren’t you just the slightest bit envious?