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If Children Could Vote

October 22, 2008

 My 8 year old expressed his preference for President very clearly yesterday when he brought home the social studies project below.  He’s got his mind made up, but I suspect he thinks Sen. Obama is just way cooler than some old guy (and maybe ’cause he’s been listening to my husband bash “scumbag Republicans”).  It was a good opportunity to remind him there is still one issue Orthodox Christians cannot and never will agree with Obama about – abortion. 

A tough topic to discuss with a child, but I’ve tried to teach him in a basic way what elective abortion is, why it’s wrong and what the Orthodox Church believes and teaches – simply that unborn babies are children of God from the moment of conception and we don’t kill God’s children.   He tried to give me some “but”, “but” arguments about how Sen. Obama isn’t going to actually be doing that to anyone, what ever that means in an 8 year old’s point of view (which actually sounds a lot like the reasoning some democrats use too).  I had to leave it at “abortion, is murder and it’s wrong for someone, even Sen. Obama, to believe it’s ok”. 

Abortion is the big stumbling block for conservative, pro-life Democrats.  Whether Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics, Protestants or any pro-life faith group, every four years we’re left in this quandary about our faith, values, and what it means to vote in an election that doesn’t give us any options.  Do you vote for the lesser of two evils?  Do you vote for what is to your mind a candidate who is an out-of-touch war monger but is pro-life?  Or do you vote for the candidate who seems to be saying some of the things that resonate with you except for this one big issue that he may or may not really get a chance to mess with much before his term(s) is up?   In the case of my home state, Texas, I don’t think whichever candidate I vote for is going to make any difference to the state outcome.  Do I vote then on a single issue for a candidate I doubt I’d support on anything else he’d ever do during his entire presidency?  

Aaargh – I hate election years.  

Multiple Randomness

October 21, 2008

I’ve been a little too distracted to post this week because of work problems, kids’ baseball games and trying to get out both the weekly church bulletin and monthly newsletter.  Joshua, I haven’t forgotten my response to your Transhumanism comments.  I’m working on it, but I’m no theologian, so don’t expect anything too fancy.   Your decidedly different point of view has been good for exercising my brain though – pondering the meaning of life and existence does tend to do that.

And now for something that does not require deep thinking and means even less.  Try and not spew coffee on your monitor, and don’t start trashing us poor, conflicted, neo-conservative Democrats.   I actually found this blasphemy on an uber-conservative, Republicanish blog while looking for, of all things, an icon of Jonah and the Whale for a church bulletin.  I will be so glad when this whole election thing is over so we can get back to the real things that matter in America right now – health care costs, figuring out what jobs I’ll be capable of working at until I’m 80 and how we can disentangle ourselves from a pointless war in Iraq and pump those billions into Social Security for the elderly (not to be confused with the billions in “social security” we gave failing companies and the crooks who ran them).