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Tea Parties, Secession and the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Texas

April 16, 2009

041509 tea party 01Texas has always had this escape clause mentality – the idea that we managed just fine on our own at one time and we aren’t afraid to do it again.   We’re independent cusses just looking for something to get riled up about.   So, it’s no wonder Gov. Rick Perry has gone shooting his mouth off about secession.   That could be an interesting conundrum for Orthodox unity in the United States of America.   The Autocephalous Orthodox Church of  Texas sounds catchy, doesn’t it.    San Antonio – the New Constantinople.

Did anyone attend a Tea Party yesterday?  Here in San Antonio   there were close to 10,000 tea bag warriors in front of the Alamo (I know because I was trying to go home).  Motor City Madman, now adopted Texan, Ted Nugent provided the entertainment, along with host Glenn Beck.  Ted’s wild-eyed version of Cat Scratch Fever, along with his rabid conservatism, might explain part of the big turnout locally.  (To say that San Antonio likes its heavy metal and classic rock bands is to say ‘the sun is a little warm’.)

I can certainly understand the anger that precipitated these rallies.  I’ve been just as disgusted about the issue of government bailouts.   When I have to take the bus to work and eat leftovers for lunch, I wonder what I did to cause my lifestyle to drop so dramatically.   So, was it better to let the banking and auto industries collapse and new forms of business rise from the ashes?  Was it better for our country in the long term to re-invent itself out of a failed economy?  I don’t understand things enough to know.  Theoretically, I’d like to see this country revert to a  traditional, family and community-centered, heavily agrarian model, ala Wendell Berry.   Would the social turmoil and suffering be worth it?  That’s a hard choice.   I’m not willing to get all Grapes of Wrath and face homelessness and hunger with my kids, are you?  There are plenty of people in this country right now who are living that and it’s not romantic, it’s misery.   It’s always easier to consider your reaction to these situations hypothetically.

But let me ask one other question about the enormous turnout at yesterday’s Tea Parties.   Has anyone figured out yet how the masses could be whipped up into a tax and big government frenzy against an administration that has only been in office for 4 months?  Where were the protests 1, 4, 6 years ago?   It was 8 years of mismanagement under the other guy that saw the national debt hit one quadrillion gazillion dollars; that created  new, big spending, red tape bureaucracies, and fostered the erosion of civil liberties under the same red, white and blue flag all those folks were waving yesterday.  Who got all pissed off and dressed up in ‘Bush is a Fascist’ t-shirts and protested the 2008 budget? 

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