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The Day After Thanksgiving

November 27, 2009

and all through the house, not a creature was stirring….because they were all sleeping off the food hangover from a day of overindulgence and gluttony.  Uggh.  I feel terrible right now.   It’s  times like this I’m really glad to be Orthodox and observing the Nativity Fast.  A return to moderation come Monday will do my gastrointestinal system some good.

Blessings to all who have tolerated reading this blog and find anything remotely meaningful.  Blessings to all who are going out today to face the Black Friday shopping madness, those who are recovering today from family-induced psychosis, and to all the Aggies who need some quiet alone time to ponder the loss yesterday to that university in Austin.

Have a great laugh with this turkey of a video!   And isn’t it always the case that the cat gets the blame for everything, when we all know it’s really the dog that’s guilty.  You just can’t trust an animal that will sneakily swipe stuff off countertops then lick your face and wag their tails to reinforce the facade of trustworthiness and honor.  Dogs -the real sleeper cell terrorists in our midst.

The Day After

November 28, 2008


I’m suffering from one major food hangover, but why the hell am I sitting here in front of the computer with a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast? 

Finally got everyone out of the house yesterday at 9 p.m., got the kitchen cleaned up by 11 p.m., and then couldn’t go to sleep.  Stupidly stayed up until 4 a.m. surfing the Internet and playing Sim City 3000 (I learned that you can’t run a successful city when you’re zombie tired – I spent my city into the ground and almost got impeached, kind of like the American government).  Aside from the body malaise this morning, I seem to be suffering from a foggy, spiritual malaise.  I so believe what the great monastics taught – that too much food kills prayer. 

Good thing Orthodox Christians have a sure cure for post-Thanksgiving overindulgence – fasting till all the turkey and pie are out of your system; fasting till you think becoming a vegan would be preferable; fasting until you’re good and ready to pray.  (I’m eating pie though; I didn’t say I was a good Orthodox Christian.  I’ll begin again tomorrow.)

Happy Thanksgiving To All

November 27, 2008


It’s Thanksgiving in South Texas and that means it’s going to hit a seasonal 80 degrees.  Nothing says Thanksgiving around here like cooking turkey and pumpkin pie in shorts and a t-shirt.  I will be talking to a good friend in Santa Fe later on today and they’re expecting snow.  

I am checking off my usual list of Thanksgiving traditions that must be observed or the day isn’t right:



  1. Watch A  Charlie Brown Thanksgiving  – This one is lost on my kids.  I yelled for them to come watch it on TV and they thought Disney Channel was more interesting.   When there were only three TV channels and no cable, watching a special like this was something you waited for a whole year.  Hence the word “special”. 
  2. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade  – I could care less about the stupid musical numbers.  It’s all about the big balloons for me.
  3. Cooking and baking for two days straight
  4. Texas A & M – University of Texas football game – This is the only football game I can watch.
  5. Aggie bonfire – I’m an old Ag, ’85.  This tradition will always be treasured, even if lawsuits and liability have killed the giant campus bonfire forever.  Now all we can do is reminisce.  Ags today just don’t know what they’re missing and the longer they go without this tradition, the more dead it becomes. 

Right now I’m checking off my cooking ‘to do’ list.  Turkey, ham, boiled jumbo shrimp, cornbread dressing, gingered beets, lemon-cardamon green beans, gravy, lima beans with bacon, a Texas Sheet Cake, two sweet potato pies (which I unfortunately put in the freezer last night to chill a bit, then promptly fell asleep putting my six year old to bed – we’ll see how well pies freeze), two pumpkin pies (which had a disaster of their own – when I didn’t have enough pumpkin to fill the pie pans.  So, how do you save it?  Fill it with walnuts, make a quick streusel for the top and pray.)  If I still have time I’m going to make a batch of cheddar biscuits.  My sister is bringing apple pies, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes.  For some reason she likes that job.  My mom is the cole slaw and cranberry-orange relish queen.  She’s eighty-five so that’s easy enough for her to handle.  She reluctantly gave up the Thanksgiving meal to me about six years ago but she still wants to contribute. 

By the way, did I mention all this food is to feed twelve people?  It’ll give me a good reason to post on gluttony.  St. John Climacus has a whole chapter on that.

Barring any more disasters, we’ll eat around 4:00 p.m., but don’t tell one of my nephews that.  He’s a notoriously late arriver for any family occasion.  I told him we’re eating at 3:00 p.m.  My in-laws and sister-in-law are coming from Corpus Christi and should be here by noon.  I’m going to appreciate my mother-in-law’s help.

Well, a very happy Thanksgiving to everyone, especially a few of my special friends out there – RK in Santa Fe, Deacon T in Indiana and Reader B in Oklahoma.  I miss you all very much.  Writing more tomorrow when I try and work off the food hangover.