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Coming at you in 3-D

March 24, 2010

Now if this doesn’t return the Catholic priesthood to its dignity and higher calling, I just don’t know what will.   Yes, that IS a Catholic priest in 3-D glasses “appealing” to young people with a faith message that’s more vivid than the usual boring ‘ol religious programming on CatholicTV (yes, the news writer actually used the word ‘vivid’ in an article to describe 3-D TV programming!).   Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but I’m not convinced 3-D isn’t just in another one of its fad cycles.   All I can say is that if 3-D programming were suggested for Orthodox Church media, I’d be asking why my tithes were being wasted on the kind of gimmicky hocum that makes American religion such a laugh sometimes. 

(The only useful religious application I can see for 3-D technology is filming some poor, unwitting sinner getting ‘slain in the spirit’ by a TV evangelist and falling over on the floor – that should look good filmed in 3-D from a particular angle – kind of like a pine tree getting chopped down.)